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Spherical tube end-closer BSR 108

Departments > Machine and Automation > END-FORMING & END-CLOSING MACHINE > Spherical tube end-closer BSR 108
Spherical tube end-closer BSR 108
Spherical tube end-closer BSR 108
Spherical tube end-closer BSR 108

This machine is used to close, expand or reduce the ends of light alloy tubes. The end-forming operation is obtained by specially designed rotating tools, which heat the tube due to their rotation before deforming the extremeties. The exclusive “end-forming and closing” system is based on keeping the tube still and therefore allows to safety deform, with no limitation whatsoever, even already bent tubes, tubes with welded sleeves and of any length. The very short set-up time permits conveniency of machine use even if for very few pieces.

Copper tube crowning capacity max: Ø 108 w.t. 3
Copper tube crowning capacity min: Ø 12 w.t. 0,5
Tube minimum length (with no special equipment): 150 mm
Tube maximum length: unlimited
Locking tube capacity: Ø114 with mod. BSR 108
Reducing & expanding capacity: considering that the shaping tools anneal the tube before the shaping operation, this value could change according to the hardness and the thickness of the copper tube inserted.
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Technical characteristics:
Electric feeding: 380 V 50 Hz
Installed total power: 35 kW
Pneumatic feeding: 6 Bar

Economical No cost of end cups and brazing material
Quality Less possibility to lose refrigerant
Simple Identical components produced continually
Fast Reduced working time

Application fields:
Wall boilers
Industrial refrigeration
Liquid separators

Tube-holding slides for small dimensions.
Automatic loader.
Closing clamps with hole-saver pins.
Kit for convex closures.
Milled half-shell for tubes with “t-drill” holes.
Special supports for drilled tubes less than 45 mm length.
Supports with rolls for heavy and 2 mt. + length tubes.

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