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Flat end-closer BPR 80x2

Flat end-closer BPR 80x2
Flat end-closer BPR 80x2
Flat end-closer BPR 80x2

The BPR range of machines allows you to close the copper tubes by the outside deformation of the ends. The “plane end sealing” exclusive system, applied with a stopped tube, allows a safe working of endless length tubes. The very short tool change time justifies the use of the machine also in case of 5 pcs. production lots.

Copper tube crowning capacity max: Ø 80 w.t. 2
Copper tube crowning capacity min: Ø 8 w.t. 0,5
Tube minimum length (with no special equipment): 100 mm.
Tube maximum length: unlimited

Technical characteristics:
Electric feeding: 380 V 50 Hz
Installed total power: 19 kW
Pneumatical feeding: 6 Bar

Machine dimensions:
Length mm.1500
Width mm.800
Height mm.1800
Weight kg.910

Application fields:
Industrial air conditioning
Heat recovery

Tube-holding slides for small dimensions.
Automatic loader.
Closing clamps with hole-saver pins.
Kit for convex closures.
Milled half-shell for tubes with “t-drill” holes.
Special supports for drilled tubes less than 45 mm length.
Supports with rolls for heavy and 2 mt. + length tubes.

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